Making Heavenly Caramel Apples

Let's admit it. There is candy, and then there is candy! As a little girl, I can remember going trick or treating with my cousins and getting all sorts of goodies. However, when someone was giving out caramel apples, then things got serious.

Making caramel apples is the best way that I know how to take candy to the next level. Not only are they the right balance of sweet and healthy, but they are perfect for nearly any occasion and are sure to impress your friends. Coming home to a treat like this, after a long day’s work, is probably one of the best ways to unwind that I know. Who wouldn't be smiling from ear to ear if you gave them a caramel apple?

That's why I am excited to share with you the steps necessary to make the best caramel apples around. Making caramel apples can be very tricky. However, with enough practice, you'll soon be having a lot of happy people in your midst and a slightly bigger waistline.

Girl Eatting Apple

The History

Caramel apples are a fairly recent invention. They first came into existence sometime in the 1950s. Dan Walker is credited with being the first person to make them. He worked for Kraft Foods. Nearly a decade later, in the 1960s, Vito Raimondi and William Raimondi were responsible for making the first caramel apple machine and patenting it. Since then it has grown in popularity, especially in United States and Great Britain during holidays, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Caramel Apples

Wet and Dry Caramel

There are generally two types of caramels: wet and dry. The difference is that a dry caramel recipe calls for sugar and butter, whereas a wet caramel recipe calls for water along with sugar, butter, and occasionally cream. Both use white sugar. When making caramel apples, I prefer to use a wet recipe, because it is easier to produce more caramel to dip the apples into. However, I will show you both and let you decide from there.

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